“Step into
  mobile world”
26-27 September 2006 Sheraton Walkerhill,
Produced by: KIPA
Informa Telecoms & Media

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Conference Agenda

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Day One
26th September 2006
Samsung Electronics -->
08.30 Registration
08.50 Welcome from Young-Min You , President, KIPA(Korea)
09.00 Chairman's Opening Remarks
Mobile Industry Trends & Future Outlook
Moderator: Nick Lane, Principal Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media
09.10 The Evolution of Mobile Communication
  • Evaluating the global trends for 3G deployment and adoption
  • What do operators need to do to ensure future success?
  • Ensuring future services and benefits reach the consumer: the top priority
  • A vision for the future mobile industry and services: what will be the challenges and successes?
Shin Bae Kim, Chief Executive Officer, SK TELECOM (Korea)
09.40 Addressing the Technologies of the Future
  • Evaluating trends for mobile content services in Korea
  • Success stories and exploring the opportunities for global export
  • 3G, 4G
  • WiBro, WiMAX
  • Convergence
Young-Hee Lee, Senior Vice President Media BU, KT
10.10 Mobile Service Evolution
  • Identifying the barriers that remain to the take up of next generation services
  • Innovations in future mobile services
Eva Lindqvist, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, TELIASONERA (Sweden)
10.25 Converged Services to Deliver a World of Abundance
  • The Orange everywhere proposition
  • unified broadband, ISP services, IPTV, VoIP and mobile services
  • Defining abundance, and the challenge of identifying business models
  • Ensuring the portfolio is structured in a customer-centric way
  • The future, extending the role of the mobile device
Speaker TBC
10.40 Networking & Refreshments
  Moderator: In-chul Chung, Vice President, AT KEARNEY (China)
11.20 The Role of Capital and Investment in Mobile Development
  • Creating successful service development through global partnerships
  • Why is Korea so important for the Western mobile market?
  • What can different regional markets learn from each other if anything?
Simon Bureau, Founder, Vectis (Canada)
11.40 The Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities for Fixed and Mobile Operators in the New Converged Landscape
  • Why is fixed and mobile convergence pursued by operators?
  • How will convergence take place and whether will it be at the service or network layer?
  • Examining how network convergence is implemented: Case study at KDDI
  • What kind of converged services make operators competitive?
  • Examining the role of broadcast in the converged era
Dr. Hideo Okinaka, Vice President and Global Manager, Technical Standards and Spectrum Division, KDDI (Japan)
12.05 Panel Session following the presentation: The Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities for Fixed and Mobile Operators in the New Converged Landscape
Tim Chang, Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners (USA)
Mansoo Kim, Vice President, Business Development Management, Global Mobility Vertical, Cisco (Korea)
Terrence Wong, Manager, Technology Strategy, Telus (Canada)
Pawel Grochowicz, Head of Strategy, Telecom New Zealand
12.40 Networking & Lunch
Unlocking the Future Growth of Mobile Content
WiBro (& WiMax)
Moderator: Nick Lane, Principle Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media Moderator: Mike Roberts, Principle Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media
13.45 Revenue Flows and the Mobile Content Value Chain
  • How are revenue flows changing in different markets
  • What is the emerging mobile content value chain
  • How is an operator’s view of mobile content affected by their market positioning
  • What are the critical success factors in mobile content – and who are the likely winners and losers
Jonathan Rowan, Principal, CSMG Adventis
13.45 Using WiBro to Deliver "Wireless Multimedia Services"
  • Evaluating the need for mobile broadband
  • From broadband to ubiquity
  • What are the applications and market segments driving the demand for WiBro
A representative from KT
14.15 Ensuring Mobile Content is Easily Discoverable and Accessible to Consumers
  • What will be the relationship between operators, search engines, enablers and content owners?
  • Developing a business model for mobile search
  • Do brands understand the true benefits of presenting relevant products and services over search or is there an element of education required?
  • Will search be a revenue driving application?
  • Should operators be offering a branded or white labelled search function?
Mike Brady, Senior Director Mobile Solutions, FAST Search & Transfer (USA)
14.15 WiBro Towards 4G
  • WiBro and Mobile WiMAX
  • Leveraging WiBro for early time to market advantage
  • WiBro towards 4G services & convergence
Young Kyun Kim, Ph.D, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics
14.45 Content Direct to Consumer in the i-mode ecosystem
  • How is the relationship between content providers and operators likely to change when providing off-portal services?
  • How important is customer ownership and what are the issues likely to arise when off-portal services are launched?
  • Will profit margins increase when providing content direct to consumer?
Olivier Laury, Director of Content-Multimedia/imode, Bouygues Telecom (France)
14.45 Key issues in Municipal Wireless Deployment
Brian Goodman, Technology Director, City of Boston (USA)
15.15 Networking & Refreshments
Developing Revenue Streams for Mobile Content
Examining the Business Case for Evolving 3G and Deploying IMS
Moderator: Nick Lane, Principle Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media Moderator: Mike Roberts, Principle Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media
15.45 Mobile Advertising Funded Content
  • How Realistic is advertising as a revenue stream for mobile content?
  • What level of advertising will be considered acceptable from a consumer point of view?
  • Where does Mobile fit into the overall mix of advertising channels?
  • What is the ROI expected on advertising through mobile?
Stefan Rust, Sun Microsystems & Chairman, MEF Asia (Hong Kong)
15.45 Panel Session: HSDPA & HSUPA - Identifying the Challenges and Opportunities from Recent Deployments
  • What has been the approach for operators with HSDPA over the last year?
  • Exploring the challenges of combining HSUPA and HSDPA
  • HSxPA vs WiMax, EVDO/EVDV, TDD?
  • What is the roadmap for HSxPA?
Dr. Hideo Okinaka, Vice President and Global Manager, Technical Standards and Spectrum Division, KDDI, (Japan)
Dipankar Dasgupta, CTO, Asia Pacific, Nokia Networks
16.15 Exploring the Opportunities for Mobile Communities
  • Identifying existing successful communities and replicating them in the mobile environment
  • Understanding how much investment should go into building portals for communities
Steve Morris, Director of Sales and Business Development, Terraplay (Sweden)
16.15 Identifying the Drivers, Challenges and Revolutions for IMS
  • What are the benefits through IMS?
  • What are the services which will be served by IMS deployment?
  • How will IMS be aligned with the legacy network?
  • Determining the factors operators should consider when embracing and deploying IMS
  • Examining the challenges and revolutions IMS bring into the telecom industry
Wooyong Choi, IMS Project Manager, SK Telecom (Korea)
16.45 Using DRM as an Enabler to Create New Business Models: Legal P2P & Super-distribution
  • How can operators and content providers protect themselves without limiting the consumer?
  • What is the level of investment required to implement DRM in all devices
  • How is super-distribution perceived by consumers?
  • Resolving the complexities of rights management to ensure all parties are satisfied
Francois Galy, Vice President, Asia, Viaccess, (France Telecom Subsidiary)
16.45 Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing IMS
  • Developing IMS compatible handsets with easy-to-use features
  • Positioning and pricing IMS based services to stimulate usage and increase revenue
  • Achieving a cost effective and seamless migration of subscribers from legacy networks to IMS infrastructure
Dipankar Dasgupta, CTO, Asia Pacific, Nokia Networks
17.15 Close of Track 17.15 How Does IMS Deliver On Its Promises for Fixed Mobile Convergence?
  • Open, Secure, Session- and Policy-based Intelligent IP network architecture
  • -
  • Peering and interoperability
  • -
  • New security requirements
  • -
  • Service Brokering
Brendan Leitch, Director, Service Provider Marketing, Asia Pacific Juniper Networks

[ Day One | Day Two ]

Day Two
27th September 2006
08.40 Welcome Coffee
09.00 Mobile TV and Content
Moderator: Henry Yeh, Consultant & Former COO, Com2Us

Speed Networking Session
Your opportunity to get to know your peers before the start of the conference and set a relaxed and informal atmosphere
09.10 Examining the Business Case for Mobile TV
  • What have the experiences been to date?
  • Exploring the spectrum allocation issues for Global and Korean markets
  • How will DVB-H fair in Asia?
Young Kil Suh, CEO, President, TU MEDIA (Korea)
09.40 Panel Session: What are the Opportunities in Mobile TV and the Obstacles to Overcome?
  • Addressing the relationship between operator, content provider and broadcaster
  • Examining the changing revenue share and customer ownership structures
  • Exploring the Technology and Network Choices for Mobile TV
  • DVB-H, DMB, MediaFLO
  • will any one dominate?
  • What are the key commercial findings from global trials of the two technologies?
  • Understanding which technology is more commercially attractive for your business
Eva Lindqvist, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Teliasonera (Sweden)
Keith Dewar, Head of o2 Products, o2 (UK)
Dr Il-Taek Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Nextreaming (Korea)
Dr Hyacinth Nwana, Managing Director, Arqiva(UK)
Doug Lowther, VP Marketing, IRDETO (The Netherlands)
10.25 Impact of Cross Platform Offers on TV, Video on Demand, at Home and on the Move
  • What are the implications of multiple devices in the home?
  • What implications are there for rights owners?
  • What are the rights implications for re-broadcasting?
Dr Hyacinth Nwana, Managing Director, Arqiva (UK)
10.50 Networking & Refreshments
  Moderator: Mica Imamura, Chief Executive Officer, Azteq Mobile Corporation (Japan)
11.20 The Future of Music, Media and Entertainment
  • Mobile music & entertainment content: flat fee or à la carte, bundle versus pay-as-you-go - what is the winning pricing strategy?
  • User-generated & social media, and 'users as creators' - what does this mean for entertainment commerce, going forward? What does Web2.0 really mean, and what is the definition of Media2.0?
  • The impact of the 'Attention Economy' on music & media commerce, and why distribution and / or digital networks alone will not guarantee success in digital media
  • General overview: Facts & figures, trends, predictions, and opportunities in mobile media
Gerd Leonhard, Chief Executive Officer, Music & Media Futurist (Switzerland & USA)
11.55 Panel Session: Creating Content for the Mobile Medium
  • What are the key success factors to be incorporated when developing content for mobile?
  • Future: How will content for mobile TV evolve in the next five years?
  • Preparing games and music content for mobile
Ruuben van den Heuvel, VP Business Development, Sony BMG (China)
Pierre Emmanuel Struyven, Head of Business Development, Universal Music Mobile (France)
Paul Whitehead, Head of Business Development - New Media, Channel 4 (UK)
Ross Cox, Senior Director of Entertainment Products, Cartoon Network New Media (USA)
Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Music & Media Futurist (Switzerland & USA)
Paul Whitehead, Head of Business Development – New Media, Channel 4 (UK)
12.30 Networking & Lunch
Mobile Games
The Evolution of the Mobile Handset
Moderator: Mica Imamura, Chief Executive Officer, Azteq Mobile Corporation (Japan) Moderator: Duncan Clark, Managing Director, BDA China
13.45 Exploring the Critical Success Factors for Growth in Mobile Games
  • Complex games vs. causal games; where are most revenues coming from?
  • What is the current status of multi-player games?
  • Assessing the convergence between mobile games and consoles
Invited Ji Young Park, Chief Executive Officer, Com2Us (Korea)
13.45 Delivering Compelling and Functional Handsets to Optimise the Opportunities with 3G
  • Driving the adoption of data services through the handset
  • Developing handsets for specific consumer usage patterns
  • Producing high quality and sufficient volume of handsets to support 3G deployment
  • Taking the next step: The Development of Smartphones
  • What is the next step for multi-purpose lifestyle devices? Incorporating music, gaming and broadcast services
  • What are the challenges for developing feature rich, next generation smartphones for both the business and entertainment segment?
  • What are the future innovations?
Invited Jinsung Choi, Senior Vice President & Head of Mobile Telecommunication R&D Centre, LG Electronics
14.10 What is the Market Potential for 3D Games?
  • Do consumers really want 3D games on mobile?
  • Is it the lack of handsets preventing the uptake of 3D games?
Speaker TBC
14.10 Panel Session: What are the User Requirements on the Handset for Multimedia Services?
  • Creating compelling devices for multimedia services
  • Consideration of the mobile OS landscape
  • Customisation and personalization of the device through innovative mobile software and middleware strategy
  • Application platforms to create a personalized user experience
Gene Wang, Chief Executive Officer, BITFONE (USA)
Norm Lo, Vice President, RIM (Hong Kong)
Jonathan Li, Managing Partner, ASENTIO DESIGN (China)
Lars Erik Sellin, CTO, SmartTrust
Paul Kim, Product Manager Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation (China)
14.35 Identifying the Latest Technological Solutions for Multi-Player Games
  • Is a mobile multiplayer game a new type of game or an extension of web based gaming?
  • Incorporating connected gaming into the existing games production flow
  • Overcoming technical hurdles and local adaptations at rollout stage
  • Driving mass uptake by innovative billing solutions
Jeroen Elfferick, Chief Executive Officer, EX MACHINA (The Netherlands)
Joonmo Kwon, CEO, NEXON MOBILE (Korea)
Steve Morris, Director of Sales and Business Development, Terraplay (Sweden)
14.50 Which Devices Do We Need to Make Multimedia Content sell?
  • Are the available 3G multimedia handsets sufficient for operator's requirements?
  • Meeting the increased processing requirements for multimedia
  • Developing the multimedia device
  • architectural issues
  • How can Handset manufacturers make services easily accessible on the handset?
  • Best practice in cultivating the multimedia service revenue
David Almstrom, Director Sales & Operations for Asia, TROLLTECH (China)
15.05 Global Mobile Game Development and Distribution
  • How to create games for global distribution
  • Managing the complexities of handling different operators, handsets and multiple languages and operating systems
  • Case studies from games distributed across Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific
Robert Hayes, General Manager APAC, glu mobile
15.35 Networking & Refreshments 15.10 Networking & Refreshments
Mobile Music
Developing and Deploying Next Generation Handsets
Moderator: Gerd Leonhard, Chief Executive Officer, Music & Media Futurist (Switzerland & USA) Moderator: Duncan Clark, Managing Director, BDA China
15.55 Is there Life After Ringtones for Mobile Music?
  • What are the key success factors of ringtones and ringback tones, and how can these factors be transferred to other services?
  • Ensuring ringtones and ringback tones are continuously developing and evolving to continue generating revenues
  • Where next? Outlining the success of a mobile music service; what are the key drivers for success?
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic (USA)
15.30 Addressing Innovations for Mobile Software
  • Using the application platform to personalize and promote new data services
  • What do operators really need from the mobile software platform?
  • Exploring solutions for IMS, convergence, and mobile TV services
  • Evolving the platform approach for multimedia handsets (from "vertical" to "horizontal")
Chris Jang, Director, Product Marketing & Business Development, Openwave (Korea)
16.20 Panel Session: Successfully Driving Mobile Music Uptake
  • Identifying the optimum mix of media for successful promotion of the music product
  • Examining the pricing structures and revenue share model to fuel growth
  • What supply chains and partnerships are being used to deliver and charge for mobile music?
  • What does the future have in store for mobile music?
Erin Hahn, Head of New Media, Universal Music
Markus Berger de Leon, Chief Executive Officer, Jamba (Germany)
Ruuben van den Heuvel, VP Business Development, Sony BMG (China)
Jay Kim, Executive Vice President, WIDERTHAN (Korea)
Atakan Cetinsoy, Vice President Business Products, MYSTRANDS (USA)
15.55 Understanding the Requirements for Multimode Handsets
  • Integrating Cellular/WiFi and Multi-Radio
  • Incorporating multiple high speed data standards
  • What is the operator view of multimode handsets?
  • What trends and enablers are paving the way for the next-generation of dual-mode solutions?
  • Addressing the technical challenges of multimode handsets
  • battery, radio interference, security
Rob Damjanovic, Managing Director of Asia, CSR (UK)
17.00 Close of Conference
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